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We collect only clean and good quality products that you can take to our distribution centre in Taffs Well.

Launched in Spring 2016, Cwtch Baby Bank is the first of its kind it Wales, redistributing pre-loved baby items to vulnerable families in the community. The charity was set up by Hilary Johnston who was about to retire and wanted to donate the equipment and clothes she had acquired over the 20 years as a foster parent. She soon discovered that there were no charities in Wales who were taking baby donations to redistribute to those in need, so she decided to set up Wales’ first baby bank.



Our Mission

Cwtch Baby Bank provide essential equipment, clothing and toiletries for newborn to 24 months old babies through referrals from social care, health professionals and other relevant support agencies and all the donations received go directly to the people who need it.

Since launching in 2016 we have helped over 3800 families.


We invite referrals from all agencies in contact with families in need.


We have no direct contact with families and so if you are a person in need you need to discuss this with your social care worker, health professional or other support agency that you are engaged with.


Hilary Johnston - Founder and Trustee Chairperson finalist in St David awards

The idea for the charity came from our trustee chairperson, Hilary Johnston. Hilary retired after years as a foster carer and when looking at donating the equipment and clothes that she had acquired she came across charities like us in England. Hilary discovered that there was not a similar charity in Wales and as she was also looking for something to occupy her time she decided to set up Wales’ first baby bank. Hilary then enlisted the help of the following:


Eiddwen Thomas  Trustee


Susann Guppy, Personal Assistant – Secretary and Trustee.

Alison Greig  Trustee 

Help support vulnerable families in South Wales
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