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Are you able to collect my items as I don’t drive?

Unfortunately we are not able to collect items , all donations are by drop off to our unit in Taffs Well CF15

Why do I need to email before donating?

Our unit is not open every day for donations so we need to make sure someone will be there to meet you. It also allows us to make sure your donations will be suitable for the families we help so that you do not have a wasted journey.

I don’t have any baby items but would like to help. What can I do?

We are always in need of other items than just baby clothes and equipment. We also support babies and new mums with toiletries, would you be able to donate some some toiletries? We also always need to fundraise to meet running costs and purchase items that have to be new for each family like cot mattresses. Alternatively you could purchase an item from our amazon wishlist?

Should I clean my pram or highchair before donating it to you?

Yes please! We have limited facilities at our unit to enable cleaning and all items need to be clean when they arrive so that they are ready to redistribute to the families needing help.


Do clothes need to be washed before donating?

Yes please. We do not have any washing facilities so are not able to redistribute clothes that are not clean.  Please ask yourself whether you would pass the clothes on to your family or best friend or would be happy to receive them yourself. If you would, we would be really grateful to receive them. Please see our donations pages to find out what items we currently need and how to get them to us.


Why don’t you accept formula, toys, nursery furniture and electrical items

Storing and redistributing formula/food items requires strict food hygeine regulations which we do not have the facility to accomodate. You could contact your local foodbank to enquire if they redistribute formula.

Unfortunately we do not have the space to store toys for redistribution. We have to prioritise essential items that are needed for babies wellbeing and safety.

The same applies to nursery furniture and we do not have any way to deliver furniture.

We do not have a PAT testing facility to ensure electrical items are safe for families to use.

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