Another Year

So pleased to welcome our new special ambassador Lily Louise Halfpenny.

Congratulations to our patron Jess and her partner Leigh on the safe arrival of their daughter.

Well January has almost gone already we are so busy and so many people to thank who are helping us to help others.So thank you to all the volunteers fundraisers and groups raising awareness we really appreciate you all.However to keep going we need to raise at least £1000 per month so we really need your help.If you work for or know a company that would like to be involved by sponsoring us, you are part of a group able to raise funds or can help in any way please get in touch we would love to hear from you and work together.

If you have any ideas please get in touch thank you all for your continued support please watch for any events coming up as just coming to them is helping us and our cause looking forward to another eventful year.Thank you all

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