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Looking Forward to 2022

As we say goodbye to a another different and difficult year .We are very thankful for all our volunteers and supporters who helped us to get through it .We still managed to get all our referrals out helping even more families in Wales and keeping babies safe. Without our fundraising events we carried on using to new ways to raise funds .Supporters collected toiletries for us ,Groups bought gifts from our Amazon Wish List and people took up the request to join the friends of Cwtch Baby Bank and pledge a monthly amount to us. All these things and more kept us going and of course we cannot forget our amazing trustees applying for much needed grants So all in all everyone did their bit to keep us helping families so thank you all.

As we look forward we realise we are needed even more and continue to work to help all we can and with your help we will do that .So if one of your New Year Resolutions is to help others more. Think of us visit our website to see how you can help us to help others. Happy New Year to you all Stay Safe and lets all be kind and think of others in 2022.

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